Thank you so much to all of our donors so far. We are just about 25% funded and our generous fans and friends keep the donations coming in. Please visit our indiegogo site and donate anything you can to help us get to our goal. We have all sorts of good and fun perks. Ever wanted a personalized signed headshot of a famous actor person? Or how about being treated like royalty and getting fanned with palm fronds in balboa park? Those are just two of our awesome new perks you can get if you donate. We hope you can help. Our link is:
Let the fundraising begin! After a fun day spent at Sea World (among other places), the video is done. Please check out our site and feel free to throw a couple bucks our way! We promise to represent everyone who donates in the utmost professional manner while in New York City....okay, we promise to try anyway. But seriously, every dollar gets us closer to taking this show to NYC for the Fringe Festival.
Thank you in advance to all those who contribute. This is truly a wonderful show and we are so thrilled to be able to share it with others.
Now grab your wallet and help Matt & his gang get to the big apple. :)
Rehearsals are under way!
All is good in the world because the rehearsals have begun for WAMMEA. Lots going on too. Anya (AD/SM) reported that at last rehearsal Jeff nearly drowned! Details were not given, but a re-cast may be in the near future. I hope not though. We like Jeff.
Also, reservations were made for our rooms in NYC. Can you say commune living?? We will be opening the Indiegogo fundraising site very soon, as well. Stay tuned!
Well, that was fun. The 5 of us got together at Matt's last night and went over all the business stuff. Next on the agenda:
1. Setting up Indiegogo fundraising website.
2. First rehearsal this Saturday.
3. Staged reading of performance on July 29th at Ion.

Matt also has a twitter account - I know... if it's anything like his FB posts, TMI is guaranteed.
However, you can follow him here: @mattsdpc.

Thanks for supporting our project. This is a BIG DEAL that Matt's play was accepted to the NY Fringe Festival. Thousands of playwrights entered their work, and only 200 were accepted. His being one of them.
He's kind of a big thing now....let's all try to keep him humble, shall we?
This Thursday night, May 30th, we will have the first read through for WAMMEA at Matt's house. Cast and crew will be there. Yeah, baby!
Next up: Fundraising will begin on Indie go go. Funds needed to take show to NYC Fringe Festival. Every dollar helps!